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Recently I learned a little lesson about people, opinions and the overall community of Second Life. Having opinions is seldom popular, because there will always be someone who disagrees with you. I am not the type of person to change, hide or sugar coat my opinion. It doesn't help anyone to constantly have to cater to people's sensitivities because the world is not that way. Let's get real. I'm not disrespectful, but I am also not very sweet when it comes to delivering truths. To be honest, I wouldn't even want to live in a world where everyone tip toes around each others feelings all the time. Being politically correct is so exhausting, because we all have our own take on the world and these differences are what makes it so fun to live in. Also, you could be the sweetest, ripest, most colorful peach and there will still be someone who doesn't like peaches. 
Get me?

While I had some issues on social media as a result, I gained a valuable lesson about my time and where it is best invested. I realized how much time I was wasting interacting with people who could care less about my personal growth and success. 

The title of this post can be a bit misleading. The song I chose might be misinterpreted as me regretting what was said. But, in reality, no one really uses soap for their mouth and Melanie Martinez is Queen so deal with it. What I really want to say with this post is thank you, to the person/persons that reported my account, I am grateful. I appreciate that you made me realize so much with so little effort and for cleansing me of you and many other people that wish me less than I deserve. Thank you for helping me realize how valuable my time is, and re-focusing my energy where it should be. Everything happens for a reason kitties, believe that! Take care of yourselves and each other. 


Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Hair: [RA] Delina Hair 
Shape: .DirtyStories. Lorelia Shape
Collar: .DirtyStories. Emo Collar
Nose Piercing: ..DirtyStories. Heart Nose Piercing
Skin: Insol: Mashell's secrets #RARE 
Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears#2 
Eyes: .euphoric ~Love Mesh Eyes ~Bluepack
Eyebrows: [okkbye] Adumbrate Eyebrows 
Lip: Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Dark Lip Tint
Lashes: .:Mai Bilavio:. Beauty Queen Collection 7
Pose: La Baguette - Moaka G.Sit 1 (modified)


Bath Tub/Caddy/Basin: DRD - Rustic Bathroom {@Shiny Shabby}
Rose Vase: .::DD::. Fallen Petal Vase Onyx
House: DRD  Rustic cabin

~ 88 ~

Japanese Treat

I have some amazing news! It's been a lifelong dream to go to Japan, this year I finally get the chance to walk around the streets of Tokyo for my birthday. I am so happy, I have a wonderful family, a small group of true friendships and a patient, loving and wise man to guide me. Today I just want to treat myself to something Japanese and remind myself that good things are happening. I want to be grateful for all the things I have right now because I don't know how long I will get to keep them. Thanks to all of my friends, for putting up with me and being honest with me even if it hurts. Thank you to my family for loving me through all of my failures and pushing me to be better. Thank you to the only man who's ever kept my heart safe in his hands, I promise to keep working toward a future by your side and support you in every way I can. And of course, thank you kitties, for your continued support through the ups and downs. No matter what has happened I have you and my blog, this has kept me sane through a lot. I hope you all get to treat yourselves this week too. Spring is here. Time to be renewed and re-energized! 
 Take care of yourselves and each other!


Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Flowers in Hair: *LODE*Head Accessory - Passiflora [purple]  {@Shiny Shabby}
Hair Accessory: Tentacio & antielle. Rabbit in the Moon. Hair sticks
Hair: Magika - Honey Whiskey
Nails: Altair - Slink Dynamic Diamonds Stiletto {@Shiny Shabby}
Necklace: **RE** Kitty Pearls Necklace {@Shiny Shabby}
Top: AMD Kalani Top (Maitreya) - Black {@Shiny Shabby}
Bottom: Dead Dollz Koibito Flowers Bottom {@ Re:Japonica}
Kimono: +HILU+SASOI(1) {@ Re:Japonica}
Shoes: Tentacio & antielle. Okobo RARE
Skin: Insol: Mashell's secrets #RARE 
Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears#2 
Eyes: .euphoric ~Love Mesh Eyes ~Bluepack {@ SkinFair}
Eyebrows: [okkbye] Adumbrate Eyebrows  {@ SkinFair}
Lip: Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Dark Lip Tint
Lashes: .:Mai Bilavio:. Beauty Queen Collection 7 {@Kustom9}
Poses: an lar [poses] The Fling Series - Two


Build/Dried Chili/Garlic/Curtain: [Merak] - Garden Escape {@Shiny Shabby}
Blinds: Soy Reed Screen [Sudare] Light -Down
Japanese Letters: *booN-kura JPN wall letters brass {@ Re:Japonica}
Plant on Plate: Soy Water-Mashroom w/ Moss ball
Blue Cabinet/frames: {Concept} Rest Collection Gacha
Flower Vase: *LODE* Decor - Passiflora Vase [dark]  {@Shiny Shabby}
Kimono Hanger: *:..Silvery K..:*Kimono Hanger(Red)(4)
Tea: [[RH]] Japanese Tea set
Seating Area: Soy Kotatsu
Treats: Tentacio & antielle. Rabbit in the Moon. Wagashi box/Odango
Purse: Tentacio & antielle. Rabbit in the Moon. Sac Pink

~ 87 ~

Late Lunch Break

I love those days when you are so involved with your work that you've skipped lunch before you know it. This is how you know that you are truly doing something that you love!
Relaxing late lunch break. 

Take care of yourselves and each other kitties. 


Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Patty Mesh Hair {@ Ultra}
Choker: .DirtyStories. Lil Bow Choker
Camera: BALACLAVA!! Snappy Camera CANVAS
Outfit: =Zenith= Shopping day dress  with Bag {@Kustom9}
Garter: .DirtyStories. Insane Legbands L
Shoes: AMD - Ballerina High Lace Heels - Black {50% off thru 03/17}
Skin: Insol: Mashell's secrets #RARE 
Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears#2 
Eyes: .euphoric ~Love Mesh Eyes ~Bluepack {@ SkinFair}
Eyebrows: [okkbye] Adumbrate Eyebrows  {@ SkinFair}
Eyeshadow: Veechi - Serenity Shadow 
Lip: #adored - wednesday lips - #17 rare fatpack 
Lashes: .:Mai Bilavio:. Beauty Queen Collection 7 {@Kustom9}


Table: tarte. square dining table 
Wall light: Kalopsia - Faith's Message {@ Collabor88}
Coffee: [Merak] - Autumn beverages - gold cups
Take Out: Soy + Toro. Half-eaten Khao Phat {@Kustom9}
Bamboo: Soy + Toro. water bamboo {@Kustom9}
Pictures in Box: :HAIKEI: Gray wall pence house gacha {5}
Stool: ionic  : minimal needs : Stool (Metal)
Cat: *HEXtraordinary* Nope Cat - Siamese Companion
Broken Glass: oyasumi  / tragic glass
Spilled Water: +Half-Deer+ Spilled Liquid - Small Puddle -  Water Set
Chair: HAIKEI: Gray wall pence house gacha {2}
Floor Plant: Soy+ Toro. potted butterfly palm {@Kustom9}
Wall Hanging: ionic : Hanging Moon Phases [gold] {@ The Chapter Four}
Sofa: *ionic * -  Slow moves (sofa)
Toy: oyasumi / kendama / tipped
Rug: ..::THOR::.. Rug
House: ionic : Spirit House RARE {@ The Chapter Four}

~ 86 ~

Lazy Afternoon

Its okay to take a mental health day every once in a while! 
Today is mine. 

Take care of yourselves and each other kitties!


Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Hair: *barberyumyum* 90 (black)
Nails: e.marie // NAILS Ombre - Because Unicorns
Necklace: Amala- The Pia Bar - Daddy's Girl
Choker: .random.Matter. - Hobi Chokers - Lips [Gold/Pink] {@ The Chapter Four}
Top/Bottom: *MUKA* Foxy Top - Lara {@ Whore Couture Fair
Shoes: Phedora ~ Dorothy boots {@ Collabor88}
Skin: Insol: Mashell's secrets #RARE 
Eyes: .euphoric ~Love Mesh Eyes ~Bluepack {@ SkinFair}
Tattoo: BODY MOD - Carpe Diem Tattoo - Maitreya {@ Applique}
Eyebrows: [okkbye] Adumbrate Eyebrows (CATWA) {@ SkinFair}
Eyeshadow: Veechi - Serenity Shadow [Catwa]
Lip: Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Dark Lip Tint
Pose: Le Poppycock-Cat's Meow *modified* {@ Ultra}


Pigs: +Half-Deer+ Mini Piggy - Rolling Around (Pink) / Cloudwatching (Spotted) {@the Arcade}
Lights: +Half-Deer+  Stringlights - Ceiling - Cluttered A {@ Collabor88}
Hanging Art: {what next} Pajamas All Day Wall Print (pink) {@ Collabor88}
TV / Chinese Food : .random.Matter. - Lazy Day {@ Collabor88}
Phone: cosmic peaches.  - Trendy Cellphone - Decor
Pillow: hazy . dreamer baby . pillow 5
Tea: ..::THOR::.. Cup of Hot Tea from the Storybook Set
House: ionic : Spirit House RARE {@ The Chapter Four}
All Other Decor: The Secret Store {@the Arcade}

~ 85 ~

Spring Sunset

With the coming of spring I am also feeling very renewed. I feel motivated to do new things, cultivate the relationships that matter to me the most, and to continue to look forward toward a rewarding future. I am grateful for all the good and bad, I have experienced plenty of both. While we all want to strive for that elusive happy ending, I feel sometimes that we take the present for granted in this process. So, on this beautiful day, I am grateful for the present in all of its difficulties and with all of its rewards. Take care of yourselves and each other kitties. 


Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Hair: Sintikila - Hair Melody RIGGED ULTRARARE {the Chapter Four}
Nails: Slink Dynamic - Add On Nails Stiletto
Hands: Slink Hands - Dynamic - Female {NEW in store}
Jumper: Sweet Thing. Zoe Romper - Fatpack {Collabor88}
Jacket: M.BIRDIE / Leah look - Jacket on Shoulder 5 {@the Arcade}
Flower Headband: .Liquence . - Flower Crown
Shoes: **RE** Jassy Boots - Maitreya {@ Whore Couture Fair
Skin: Insol: Mashell's secrets #RARE 
Eyes: .euphoric ~Love Mesh Eyes ~Bluepack {@ SkinFair}
Tattoo: DAPPA - In Bloom Tattoo [FADED]
Eyebrows: [okkbye] Adumbrate Eyebrows (CATWA) {@ SkinFair}
Eyeshadow: Veechi - Serenity Shadow [Catwa]


Watering Can/ Glass Vases : [Merak] - Joy of Spring Set
All other deco: DRD - Vagabond - Entire Set {@the Arcade}



!nfinity !oleander #adored #EMPIRE #foxy <3 1313 7 Deadly Skins a.e.meth abrasive Addams Addicted to Black AdoreZ agp AiShA AITUI alaskametro Altair Ama Amala American Beauty Amitomo Anachron angelica Apllique Apple May Designs Arise ASO! Atomic Avi Candy Bade bae Baiastice barberyumyum Bazar bdsm beanie Beautiful Dirty Rich beauty Belle Poses Besom birch Birdy Bliensen blog blogger blonde blossom Blueberry Blues Body Language Body Mod Bolson boots booty Brixley brocante brunette Bueno Buzz Buzzeri c'est la vie! Cae Candy Crunchers Candy Doll Candydoll cat cats catwa Charm Cheeky Pea Chemical Princess CityLife coffee collabor88 Commoner Concept Consignment cozy CS Furniture CS TATTOO Cubic Cherry cute CX D-Style dafnis DAPPA dark David Heather dead dollz Dirty Stories DISORDERLY DOE DRD DUE Dust Bunny e.marie Edelweiss Emery Joan Empire Empyrean Forge Enfant Terrible Epia epoch erratic euphoric Euphorie EVANI Exile fall fameshed Fancy Decor farmers market fashion fashionista Fawny fd Flite floorplan flowers fruit Formanails foxes foxy fri. games GATO girl girls Glam Affair Glamistry goth HAIKEI Half Deer Hang'R HEXtraordinary Hideki hive home hoorenbeek hot chocolate HPMD ID Identity ILLI Imbue Imeka Infected ingenue Inhale insol ionic Ison Izzie's Juju Kalopsia Kharma kibitz Kink Monthly KITJA kitties kitty Kunst Kustom9 L'Etre La baguette Lamb Lark latte lavender hair LCKY Le Morte Le Poppycock LeLutka LePunk Liquence little bones Little Pose Witch Livalle LODE Lost Junction Loud Mouth love LUXE M.BIRDIE maca macaroon magika Mai Bilavio maitreya Mandala May's Soul merak MI Miabilavio mignon Mikunch Milk Motion MINIMAL mish mish miss chelsea Miwa's Airship MoDANNA Modulus Mon Cherie MONS Monso moon Mori mudskin muka N-Uno Neon Outfitters New Adventures New Year ninety Nivaro Nomad noodles NOX Obscure offbeat okkbye Olive oyasumi paper arrow paper arrows Pekka pets petting PG Phedora Pink hustler pixicat PKC Poisoned Diamond Poseidon pr!tty pretty pretty girl Psycho Barbie PSYCHO:Byts Puki PUMEC Pure Poison PXL R H Y E R2 Fashion RAMA Random Matter rare RE Real Evil red head REIGN Relax RH Roots of Royalty RunAway S&P S0ng Salem sallie SaNaRae Sari-Sari SAYO seasonal Second life secondlife SECRETS selfie Seven Emporium Shiny Shabby shopping silentsparrow Sintikila SkinFair SL SL girls Slink somnia SONG SongBird Soy Spell spellbound SPIRIT spring Stockholm & Lima strawberry street fashion Strike It Sue Cream Summer sunflower Swallow sweater Sweet Lies Sweet Thing Sweet Things Tableau Vivant Tabou Irresistible tarte Tattoo tentacio the arcade The Artist Shed The Chapter 4 The Epiphany the forge The Mystic The Season's Story The Secret Store thebox Things Thor Tilly toro tps Trompe Loeil Truth TSG TSS u.f.o. UBER unconditional Unholy Creations urban style VCO Veechi wasabi pills Wayward Events what next white widow winter style Wonderlost Wonton xin yummy Z O O M Zaara zenith Zombie Suicide